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We have capability in designing and manufacturing advanced multi-axis CNC machines to meet specified production requirements. We help electronic engineers realize their designs and in the mean time enhance the products' competitive edge to its utmost.

Based on our capabilities in precision machinery, we are able to provide professional services to the global power component industry. Our services range from product development, product manufacture, and all directional services through product life cycle management. It's our long-term commitment to continuously upgrade the product reliability, to maximize the production efficiency, including flexibility and prompt response, as well as improve cost effectiveness.

We devote ourselves to R&D and manufacturing of power wirewound resistors and milliohm current sensors. We focus on metal alloy products, given the material's characteristic of low temperature coefficient, thermal EMF, and resistance value. In the industry trend of "Miniature", we have had some "smallest" in the world and more to come : Through Hole Body : L.0.118" x Ø0.051"; SMD : L.0.200" x W; 0.100"; About to launch: CMEC L.0.060" x W.0.030"

We know only quality and service matter. AWwT has achieved approval from SGS. We position ourselves your reliable end-product provider and excellent strategic partner, from single-activity-based EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Service) to ODM (Original Design Manufacturing).

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