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Back in summer 1998, the founding team of AWWT was first approached by a regional leading manufacturer of passive component equipment to seek for solutions to improve their existing equipments. With years of experience in precise machinery and special machine tool design and manufacturing, the team demonstrated its capabilities to its customerˇ¦s full satisfaction. The success also sparked the team to make its debut in the wire winding industry. ˇ@

In 1999, AWWT launched its sub-contracted manufacturing service offering for special-specifications wirewound components in North America. It soon aroused the interest and attention of some well-known manufacturers in the area. AWWT successfully responded to the markets by providing products that completely catered to customersˇ¦ needs. It was since then AWWT formally entered into the global arena and sub-contracted wire winding service has become its unique and sustaining business up till today..

With 10 years of evolution and development, AWWTˇ¦s core competence now includes:

1. Capability to design and manufacture multi-axis CNC key equipments;

2. Miniature technologies in automated ultra-fine resistance wire ( >=0.01mm, 0.000293ˇ¨ ) winding process and to manufacture SMD power wirewound products with size as small as 2010;

3. Patented know-how to manufacture alloy power current sensors with size of <=0603 and ultra-low temperature coefficient at TC+/-50ppm;

4. Advanced technologies in semi-conductor encapsulation tooling design and manufacturing process to produce state-of-the-art SMD products.

Looking forward, AWWT will dedicate its effort :

1. To become the ˇ§virtual working teamˇ¨ of our customer that provides integrated services from R&D, manufacturing to quality assurance, just like an internal department within your company;

2. To ensure continuous improvement and innovation to strengthen its leading position in product specifications, quality and pricing;

3. To devote to social responsibility by producing products using recyclable and energy saving material and conforming to environmental protection rules.

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